If you do not know that cricket in India is more popular than anything else, we would just like to ask you where you have been hiding all your life. Cricket is absolutely massive in India, and it is not wrong of us to declare that it is practically a religion for the one billion people that call India home. You could walk down the streets trying to find someone who does not enjoy cricket, but the likely outcome is that you will be walking for a very long time. As well as playing and watching cricket matches, us Indians really enjoy betting on cricket. In this article, we are going to give you valuable information about the best cricket betting sites in India as well as speak about cricket in India and the legalities of gambling in India.


Cricket in India

To start off with, we are going to have a closer look at just how it was that cricket in India started. The British arrived in India for the first time in the early 1700s and brought cricket with them. Whenever the soldiers and traders had some spare time, they would pass it by having a game of cricket. The locals had obviously never seen this game before, so they were absolutely fascinated by it.

The first official cricket match in India was played in 1721 when the British Army took on the English settlers - it is not actually known which side came out on top. As the British started to make their way north through India, they introduced this marvelous game to the Indians that they met along the way. The Indians grew to love this game so much that the Calcutta Cricket Club was built in 1792 - this makes it the world’s second oldest cricket club. Much older than the Bombay cricket club.

The popularity of this sport continued to increase and increase and back in 1848 the Oriental Cricket Club was opened by the Parsi community. They were actually the first Indians to send a team to Great Britain to play cricket. Although they did not win because they were to unfamiliar with the conditions, the British cricketers could see that they had the talent to play this game, and were very impressed by what they saw. In fact, the Parsi cricketers impressed them so much that they reciprocated the gesture and sent a team to play against them in India in 1889. The Parsi, used to their own conditions, put on a much better showing and won the game by 4 wickets, giving the English their first taste of defeat in India.

Lord Harris, who was in charge of Bombay at the time, could see how good the Indians were getting at cricket, so he decided to try and help them improve even more by organising a yearly game between the Parsi and the English. In 1911, the first cricket team made completely of Indians toured England, and three decades later India were to play their first international game.

Cricket Betting Sites Online

Gambling in India is pretty simple as there are plenty of cricket betting sites that have no issues with allowing Indians to open an account with them. Actually, there are so many different cricket betting sites that we can register with that it can sometimes be quite tricky to find the one that suits us the most. Thankfully, there are plenty of great comparisons sites online that can help us choose the best one for us. When you are on the lookout for online cricket sites to sign up with so you can begin placing cricket bets, there are some vital criteria that you need to pay attention to before you go ahead and fully commit yourself. What are these? Well, we have listed the main ones for you below:

  • The Welcome Bonus that they offer
  • The odds provided for different cricket markets
  • The different cricket markets available
  • The levels of security on the site
  • The different banking options available
  • Whether customer support is as good as it should be

Now, we know that there is nothing out there that is stopping you from just signing up with one of the first decent cricket betting sites that you come across, but if this is your tactic for selecting a bookmaker, then you should not be too shocked if the scenario arises where you have an account with a bookmaker that cannot meet all your needs. Therefore, we recommend that you do some research before diving in and signing up to online cricket sites - the time you spend doing so will definitely be worth your while.

When you are thinking about placing cricket bets on online cricket sites, it is important that you do some research before you go ahead and place your bet. Reading cricket news can provide you with valuable betting information, and you can find all the latest news in the cricketing world at www.cricketworld.com. Taking the latest news onboard can help improve your chances of placing successful bets.

Do All Betting Sites Accept Players from India?

This question is asked by Indians many times, and the simple answer to it is no, they do not. In fact, you will find it really hard to find cricket betting sites that will be happy to accept gamblers from all over the world. Sports betting sites and casinos, for this reason or that reason, will always come with restrictions for gamblers from specific countries. However, this does not really matter as there are plenty of cricket betting sites out there that we can sign up with to do some cricket betting in 2021. So, there could be a thousand sites out there that do not let people from India sign up with them, but it is irrelevant as there are plenty of others that do.


Which Are the Best Sites for Cricket Betting Online?

Online cricket sites, it is safe to say, have not all been created equally. There are some online cricket sites that us Indians can open an account with that are a lot better than some of their competitors. So, in our opinion, what are some of the best sportsbooks for Indians?

Well, we feel that you definitely cannot go wrong with www.10cric.com. Why is this the case? Well, the main reason is that 10Cric is a bookmaker that caters specifically to the Indian public. Thus, since they are dedicated to Indian sports bettors, it will come as no surprise to find out that they have a lot of cricket betting markets for all the major cricket events and are happy to provide good betting odds for them all. As well as cricket, you can bet on other sports that Indians love such as football, kabaddi, and horse racing. They have a very good Welcome Bonus, exceptional customer support, and a mobile app that will not leave you wanting more.

Betway is another very good sportsbook that we recommend you take a look at. They first arrived on the sports betting scene in 2008, and they have put in a lot of work over the last 12 years to make themselves one of the best bookies in the business. They will offer their customers a plethora of cricket betting markets and the odds will always leave you feeling satisfied. If you decide to join them, then you can make use of a very reasonable Welcome Bonus as well as one of the best mobile apps around at this moment in time.

Sportsbet.io can also claim to be one of the best bookies around for Indian sports betting fans, despite the fact that it has only been in existence since 2016. If you think that Sportbet.io is the best bookie for you to register with, then you will be able to place bets on 30 sports, and will not be left wanting when it comes to cricket markets and odds for all the best cricket event taking place. Additionally, they provide their customers with a good Welcome Bonus, quality service, and plenty of payment methods. They actually do not have a mobile app at the moment, but they make up for this with their very good mobile site.

Legal Betting in India

At this current moment in time, the only types of gambling that are permissible in India is horse racing and the lottery. The exception to this rule is in Sikkim and Goa as here you can find brick and mortar casinos and other forms of gambling, which is why they are such great hotspots for tourists. The gambling regulations in India are vague because they do not discuss online gambling, and this makes perfect sense when you realise that they are still using the same Act that was brought into use before the Internet was created. Therefore, at the moment, it is not illegal to sign up with online casinos or bookies as long as they are foreign.

The Indian government know just how much extra money can be made by gambling, which is one of the main reasons why they want to fully regulate it eventually. They have seen the success in Goa and Sikkim and want that for the rest of the country too. Furthermore, they see regulating gambling as a means to eradicating black market gambling. So, although most gambling is forbidden in India at the current moment, we truly believe that this will not be the case in a few years.